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A new day’s born in Daytona, the rising sun lights up the sky,

Daytona Beach

you feel so well in Florida, all pain is gone - don’t ask me why!

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Hi folks!

  May I ask you a question? How would you define the word ‘paradise’? Maybe as a situation of absolute happiness? Or as an place full of harmony and contentment? Every person, group, or society may interpret the meaning of this word in a different way.

  Here, on this site, I will show you my ‘paradise’, my ‘shiny paradise’, and where I found it! So come on, follow me, and visit with me ...

Daytona Beach - “The World’s Most Famous Beach”

  ... located in north Florida, U.S.A. - with many popular events during every year! Like the NASCAR races on the Daytona International Speedway, Bike Week or even the Biketoberfest.


  But Daytona has more than four or two wheel motor sound. The beautiful Beach with spectacular sunrises, Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse, the Museum of Arts & Sciences, a lot of places for shopping and dining and all the attractions around.

  Like Walt Disney Resort, the wonderful city St. Augustine and the Kennedy Space Center.


  But after all, don’t forget the most important thing that makes Daytona Beach so unique - all the friendly and helpful people you’ll find here ...